Lenten Quiet Day

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Our DOK Lenten Quiet Day will be held from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm on Saturday, February 25, at Shepherd’s Heart Fellowship in the Uptown section of Pittsburgh (13 Pride Street).  This Lenten offering to the community will  consist of prayer, readings on the apostles and times of quiet meditation.   it will be the local revival of a long-standing tradition in the Order of the Daughters of the King.
Why should you attend?  Look at our vision statement:   The vision of the women in this Order is to “encourage and enable one another to be reflections of God’s love, reaching out through Prayer, Service and Evangelism to spread His Kingdom”.  In our Rule of Prayer, Daughters vow to pray daily for the extension of Christ’s Kingdom, for the spiritual growth of the Church, especially for our diocese and parish, for all who need emotional, spiritual and physical healing, and for the work of the Order.  In our Rule of Service, Daughters pledge to participate regularly in the worship, study and work of the Church, to assist their priest in any way possible, and to bring others to a knowledge and love of our Lord.  Daughters also promise to make a constant effort  in our own lives to present Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit in such ways that other persons may be led to believe in Him as Savior and follow Him as Lord within the fellowship of the Church.
Be a reflection of God’s Love, and be at Shepherd’s Heart Fellowship on February 25,  as we meet our Lord in the stillness of a Quiet Day.
You can download a copy of the brochure. I hope that you will post this beautiful flyer created by Robin Refft from the Daughters of Grace Chapter at Trinity, Beaver, on your parish bulletin board and will also encourage other women in your parish to join you in attending. 
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