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Daughters from Brazil, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Israel, Malawi and Uganda as well as Daughters from around the United States gathered in Indianapolis under the banner of “Looking to Jesus, Spreading His Love” for the 45th DOK Triennial. These included 244 delegates, 14 National Council members, 17 international members, 50 Junior Daughters and representatives from 8 provinces, 53 Dioceses and 169 chapters. Non-voting members, guests and staff brought the total attendance to 492.
The opening dinner set the tone for the conference. At the Province III dinner National DOK President, Grace Sears, visited and paid a magnificent tribute to our outgoing Provincial President, Carolyn Booker, calling her a rock, and praising her for her wisdom and strength and her generosity in sharing her gifts.
The business meetings were equally impressive, producing a new National Council of 15 Daughters eager to “concentrate on the gifts they offer through the nourishment of daily prayer, the power of service and the knowledge of the love which our Lord extends to us all”. They also expressed a desire to work towards “a greater sense of spiritual, prayerful unity and oneness within the Order”. Pam Runyon, a returning National Council member from Hickory NC, was elected National DOK President for the 2012-2015 Triennium. A Province III Daughter, Jen Mariano, also a returning National Council member, was elected Vice President. Another Province III Daughter, Emily Thrasher, was elected as one of the new National Council members. The full new National Council can be viewed at
Business at Triennial included passing four packages of amendments clarifying and expanding National DOK Bylaws. The first concerned the formation of Junior Daughters’ Chapters. The second clarified procedure for notification of a Daughter’s death and called for a period of study and renewal plus a fee for reinstatement of Daughters whose membership has lapsed. The third package of amendments refined the fee structure for becoming a Lifetime Daughter and added a dues-relief clause for members who request it when they are 85 or older. The fourth package dealt with procedures for National Council members. Further details can be found at
Praise, worship, workshops, teachings, sharing, fellowship, networking, healing and entertainment were all part of Triennial 2012. One of many highlights was international night, when participating international daughters dressed in their native garb and gave reports of the progress of the Order in their countries. A special treat was a new video of what our Order is doing around the world. This soon will be available on DVD and promises to be a valuable recruitment tool and educational aid. The Pittsburgh Assembly will obtain a copy for your use.
In all, it was a privilege to attend Triennial. I came away very inspired and encouraged, and I would like to encourage you to start thinking now about attending Triennial in Salt Lake City in 2015.
Respectfully submitted,
Gail Simpson President, the Pittsburgh Assembly
The Order of the Daughters of the King