What if my parish doesn't have a Chapter?

Printer-friendly versionIf you are already a Daughter and you move to a parish without a chapter, you become a Daughter at Large.   if you are interested in becoming a Daughter. but your parish has no Chapter, you may start a Chapter in your parish. You must have at least three women and you must all participate in the eight week period of study, complete the paperwork for your Diocese and the National office and pay your dues. The study will be led by a Daughter from another parish. At the completion of the study, the new Chapter will be instituted during a regular sunday service and the new Daughterswill be inducted. At least one representative from the Diocesan Board will be at the service to institute a new chapter and often Daughters from all over the Diocese will be there to welcome the new Chapter and new Daughters.       information on starting a new Chapter is available in the handbook and a new Chapter kit is available from the National Office.