Who is a Daughter at Large?

Printer-friendly versionA Daughter who is not a member of a chapter BECAUSE there is no chapter at her parish is a Daughter at Large. Ten Things a Daughters-at-Large should do:
  1. Notify the National Office of your relocation;
  2. Keep current with dues paying through the National Office;
  3. Continue to pray daily for the spread of Christ's Kingdom, for the Order and for your clergy;
  4. Communicate with National Daughters-at-Large Chairperson and the Provice president. Contact information is available in the Royal Cross. Your Provice President should be able to connect you to your Diocesan contact person(s).
  5. Wear your cross;
  6. Attend assemblies, quiet days and meetings whenever possible;
  7. Find two other members of your mew parish who would like to become Daughters or who are Daughters and start a chapter (see, What do I do if my parish doesn't have a chapter? )
  8. Let your clergy know that you are available for intercessary prayer;
  9. Continue to support the funds of the Order;
  10. Wear your cross